What To Expect Once You Move Into an Assisted Living facility


Most seniors think of moving to an assisted living facility without knowing what exactly to expect. However, knowing your expectations will prevent you from the stress related to unmet expectations. This is serious for seniors as it may encourage the development of mental health issues or worsen existing ones.

This article features the general expectations once you move into an assisted living in Orlando or any location of your choosing.

Morning Routines

A nurse or care worker may visit your unit first thing in the morning to check on you and provide your morning prescription or supplements. Medication management helps avoid dosage mistakes that can be catastrophic. A care associate will assist you with bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and transferring from one area to another if you require it. This will continue throughout the day.

Meal Routine

In most facilities, breakfast, lunch, and supper happen in a dining room that serves as a multipurpose space. In addition, there are cafés and restaurants in many communities where you may eat if you’re unable to make it to the dining area for lunch or dinner. Your dietary needs are taken into consideration when planning meals.

Day activities

Community members have access to a wide range of resources, including facilities and equipment, to use on their own time. For example, you might spend time swimming, doing yoga, or playing games such as billiards or golf. You can also spend time with visiting family and friends.

Evening routine

In assisted living complexes, things may grow busier after dinner, but by the time it’s time for bed, it’s often peaceful. You may hang out with friends in the media area, play games, or watch movies. Also, you may retreat to your room, where you could read a book or watch a lot of Netflix in one sitting. You may also keep up with your social media friends since most places offer decent Wi-Fi.