The Top Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

Suppose you have noticed that your home feels cold in the winter and hot in the summer; the insulation in your home may be defective. Over time, insulation can break down and lose its ability to insulate effectively. Owens Corning Jacksonville Florida-based knows that fiberglass insulation is the top choice for homeowners. Here are some of the benefits of having this type of insulation between your walls.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

This type of insulation is the best option on the market for insulating your home.

  • Fiberglass insulation is an inexpensive option for people looking to save money on their heating and cooling bills.
  • The product is easy to install and can be done in a short amount of time.
  • Fiberglass is not a material that is going to burst into flames. It has a hard time igniting, making your home safer.
  • Fiberglass buffers your home from the outside noises.
  • It is mold and mildew-resistant, essential in humid regions.
  • Fiberglass is considered eco-friendly, which helps leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Fiberglass is an easy choice for your insulation projects. There are so many benefits to having it installed. If you are thinking of having your insulation replaced, it is time to choose and switch to fiberglass insulation.